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Charities That Help With Moving Expenses – Single, Married or Divorced

Charities That Help With Moving ExpensesMoving is a choice related to better opportunities. People move for a better job, for college, or to escape from bad relationships. For a lot of people, a new job can require moving to a different city with subsidies from the employer. In most instances, the moving expenses are covered by the employer. For those unlucky enough to be in bad relationships, this is their chance to start anew.

Moving can pose a financial challenge aside from the logistical ones, especially when you are under great stress and pressure. If you recently lost your job, unemployed, or you find the stress of bills mounting high, and everything seems to get out of hand.  Whatever your reason for moving, several charitable and non-profit organizations can offer you help. You might be having issues with money and you have no one to turn to for your moving costs. 

Charitable institutions, as well as government entities, have facilities and funds for assisting those who need moving. Moving costs are a necessary expense, but these can be beyond the means of ordinary people. Those who are disadvantaged have a harder time to find a better life because they do not have a choice but to stay where they are.  Whatever your problems may be, the following charities can help with moving expenses.

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Charitable Institutions For Single Parents and Women

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is the biggest organization when it comes to charity. This organization manages thousands of operation centers all over the country. The Salvation Army assists women and single parents that need clothes, food, shelter, and other moving services. it has served a huge amount of single mother groups and communities for moving homes. A lot of these programs have very limited funding, and some of them may not be available for single parents who fail to meet specific qualifications.

Escape from Abuse

Women shelters and safe homes provide refuge to women who are trying to escape from abusive relationships. Some of them offer moving aid to women who are abused, abandoned or are living under severe conditions.

The State Welfare Agency

The State Welfare Agency is another agency to turn to if you need help with moving. These agencies often assist with food, medicine, and shelter, but they do not offer any monetary aide for moving expenses. But, they do offer financial assistance to families who are in the marginal sectors of society. Women may utilize financial help to pay for moving services.

Other Sources

There are other organizations and non-profit agencies that can offer assistance to women who plan to move to a new place. The help they offer can vary differently. One can apply at reputable social organizations such as religious and civic organizations such as the YWCA and more. Contact your local social welfare services to inquire about these organizations and agencies.

Moving Grants For Marginalized and Low-income Family

These days more and more people live in houses under leasehold and then they move places of residence, which is very likely. However, for those with very low income and earnings, they cannot afford even an interstate transfer as it appears financially draining for their already poor family. This is why the US federal government provides relocation and moving assistance programs for those who are in dire need.

Grants and Other Benefits

The Department of Housing and Urban Development offers various relocation grants for households that can meet special qualifications for their move. Apart from this, several state agencies assist in covering various moving expenses through the appropriate grants and benefits. For instance, if you happen to live in San Francisco and your home is about to be condemned, converted or demolished, you can ask for financial assistance from the state. If you reside somewhere in Florida, you can get help from the housing assistance network located in Dade. A wide array of grants cover not only the moving but also the rent and other expenses including utilities if any. Some grants are given to help cover rental costs for the time being.

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The Federal Government Relocation Assistance Program – Charities That Help With Moving Expenses

The federal government and authorities therein can allot resources to various state agencies like the Social Services Agency, and or Family and Children Department. They can send to state offices material assistance and support to families who are displaced and need help moving. The financial aid will cover day to day expenses from rent, relocation costs, and other utilities.

The Emergency Solutions Grants

ESG or Emergency Solutions Grant offer families in need get up on their feet after experiencing a state of homelessness or other severe living conditions. This grant is an emergency fund that offers assistance for individuals who will need to move to a brand new location. These grants are processed very quickly, usually within a day or 24 hours, and are sent directly to the moving company, utility company, or any other company involved.

How To Qualify

Families who fall within the scope of the low-income range can be qualified for moving financial assistance. The income schedule can, of course, vary from one state to another. And each state requires certain eligibilities or prerequisite for one to fully qualify and avail of the grant. You can expect to have some encouragement when the home you are currently renting is at risk of being demolished, reconstructed, converted, or where it failed to meet certain safety code requirements. The grant at times would require an eviction notice for this purpose.

How To Apply

All the prerequisite information regarding assistance policies can be seen and accessed at the website of the HUD, the Housing Authority, and or the Social Services Department as the case may be. To qualify, you have to complete the application process and show documentary evidence such as proof of income, residency, a notice of eviction, and others that can indicate the urgency of the need for relocation.

Moving Financial Aid For Persons With Disability

Persons with a disability often neither can earn, lacks financial resources, or the ability to carry, pack, and move things. A few mouse clicks will help you find organizations and charities that can help you find free assistance at no cost to you, making your move a breeze.

A First-Rate Alliance

You can find relevant information at the website of the University of New Hampshire and the National Institute on Disability for pertinent resources regarding statewide programs and offerings for free moving assistance for the disabled. The UAP, ADAPT, and similarly, situated organizations can help improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities by implementing solid social support and assistance.

Religious Organizations

A lot of religious organizations help assist not only women or single mothers who are in distress. They also help low-income families and the disabled to help them financially in case they have urgent expenses like moving costs that they have to pay for. The probability that your request will be approved will depend on the budget of the church and the generosity of the churchgoers. You can contact the churches and religious organizations in your area to appeal for help and assistance.

The SSA or Social Security Administration

SSA otherwise known as the Social Security Administration will help shoulder all your moving expenses if you qualify for financial aid. If you have a disability, you can refer your most pressing question thru their online website. If you have difficulty finding relevant information, you can always contact SSA support for comprehensive data on this.

Specific Programs for Veterans

There are certain organizations such as Veterans Inc., that can offer several types of assistance to its veteran soldiers and the rest of their families who are relocating or moving. When a person can meet all the requirements, he will be able to obtain support in terms of a lease, utilities, childcare, housing, legal services, security deposit, and even moving expenses.

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The Moving Grants for New Employees

Several companies offer new hires financial help to pay for their moving expenses when they relocate to another city or state as the result of their appointment to office. The financial assistance can range anywhere from one thousand to as much as ten thousand dollars depending on the employer and the personal circumstances of the person employed.

The Budgeting Loans

People who are moving can get a ‘budgeting loan’ to cover for all moving costs on a Pension Credit, or the ESA or Employment and Support Allowance for a period not exceeding twenty-six weeks. The loan amount starts at one hundred dollars and depending on the personal circumstances of the party involved. The loans are free of interest and must be repaid in two years.

Most corporations and non-profit agency have unique ways of providing support to the marginalized. The financial assistance is often in the form of services, grants, or advice. Check the web to find great opportunities and the best deals to match your individual moving needs.

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