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How Much Does It Cost To Move A Trailer

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Trailer – The average cost in the United States to move a mobile trailer ranges from $2,000 to $5,000 depending on the site location, distance, and other additional costs involved.

Moving your mobile home can entail a sizable amount of investment in terms of time and money. This brings many mobile homeowners to the question – ‘how much does it cost to move a trailer?’ For this purpose, you have to choose the right company to help you with this undertaking.

After you buy a mobile home, you have to transfer it to your preferred location. The next question is – how much does it cost to move a single wide mobile home? The cost to fully deliver and set up your trailer home can set you back by $2,000 to $5,000 depending on the site location, distance, and other additional costs involved. Some dealers will factor in the cost of transportation and set up, to the base price of your mobile home. Check further if you are to pay for delivery and have to shoulder setup costs before you finally buy one.

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The Cost To Move Mobile Homes

The cost of moving a mobile home depends on the transport distance and the size of the mobile home. The price starts at two thousand dollars and it can move up to five thousand dollars ($2,000-$5,000). The rate is for moving the mobile home to a location that is within a 100 miles away. But, it can cost as low as one thousand dollars ($1,000) for some other cases. For example, if you are moving your trailer home over 100 miles, you will be charged approximately six to fifteen dollars ($6-$15) per mile or as much as $15,000 or more in transportation costs.

The Cost For Setting Up Mobile Homes

Apart from the transport fees, mobile home moving companies usually charge yet another fee for the setting up of your mobile home to a new location. The setup fees can start from as low as one thousand dollars to as much as five thousand dollars ($1,000-$5,000). It can include the full setup of the home at its new site which can entail setting up a brand new foundation and strapping it down or securing it a bit further. The moving company’s setup services will also come with water and other plumbing services and even hooking up all utilities including electricity.

Other Mobile Home Moving Costs

If you have a trailer home that is a bit old, there can be other expenses included before you move. If your mobile home has been sitting idle on its wheels for years, it is possible that there are repairs needed before it can finally be transported to its new location. Typically, the wheels for a mobile home can cost somewhere from $50-$80 for each tire to repair and the axles can cost as much as 150.00 dollars to fix if they are all worn out or damaged. Finally, there is an additional fee of about $1 to $2 each mile for any home mover escorting vans or vehicles.

Negotiating Moving Costs and Other Expenses

A double-wide trailer home can cost somewhere from $5,000 to $7,000 to move and set up. Moreover, mobile homeowners are always rendered responsible for the removal of their deck, steps, landscaping, or skirting, etc. before their double-wide homes are moved. Usually, moving companies might suggest where it is not financially feasible to move an old and worn-out mobile home. In this case, you have to consider finding a new mobile home to move and set up to a preferred location. If you plan on buying a mobile home, make sure that you negotiate all the moving and setup costs that come with its purchase. Or better yet, find one that can include all these costs in the base price of the mobile home.

Choosing A Moving Company To Move Your Mobile Home

Finally, you have decided to move your mobile home to a much better location. The dilemma is in finding a reputable moving company capable of providing you everything that you will need without costing you a fortune. Moving a home is a big investment that entails a significant amount of your time and money. Back in the day, when you need to move your mobile home, all you have to do is hitch it to the back of your pickup truck or tractor and then pull it along as you travel. However, today brand new modular homes are so complex that specialized equipment is used for the most basic move.

These days, it is no longer a simple undertaking that you can do it yourself. You need to hire the services of the right mobile home moving company. For you to find the best choice, you have to evaluate every moving company which fit the requirements: equipment, experience, knowledge, and availability.

The Equipment to Move a Trailer

To effectively evaluate the mobile home moving equipment, you have to know the dimensions of the trailer home. Measure the height, width, and length of your trailer home and ascertain how much it weighs. By finding this information firsthand, you can ask companies to offer you their best quote. From there, they may be able to tell you if their equipment is capable of handling the total load. It also is crucial that you have a single wide or double wide mobile home. The single wide homes will necessitate one trailer, and a pilot or lead vehicle. Doublewides will need various trailers, several trips, and more. You must also factor in the area of the mobile home, its present location, the destination, and everything else that matters for the move. Determine if you will need certain specialized equipment for the move, to support your trailer for final transport, and ask your moving company if they have all the necessary equipment.

The Experience and Knowledge

At this juncture, you may have narrowed down your list following the best quotation from your preferred movers. You have to assess your transporter’s overall experience and knowledge. Do not hesitate to ask probing questions. You can always ask for some references of their past completed jobs. The very best moving company will be more than happy to provide all the necessary details of their various experiences and success stories. Think twice if they are reluctant to share information about their past job orders, or if they appear to be unfamiliar with the details of your home trailer transport. A good company will always oblige to answer their prospect’s questions.

The Availability and Schedule

After you have found out all the necessary information about their experience and knowledge about trailer home moving, it is time to inquire about their schedule and availability. Once you have satisfied yourself with your mover’s experience and equipment, ask about their next probable availability. Take some time to perform the move at a schedule that will best fit yours and their schedule. Do not hesitate if you find that they are all booked. You may find it quite inconvenient at first, but, remember it is always a good sign when a mover has many clients that they handle, it only means one thing. That they have plenty of highly satisfied, repeat customers that are happy with the work that they do.

After you have secured all these information including their schedule or availability, you can be confident that your trailer home will arrive at its destination on time and in good condition. Do not be too timid to bargain, too. Be sure to do your homework and inquire with as many moving companies as possible in your locality. This helps you get the best possible deals for a potentially costly job that will take a lot of your time and effort to complete. Moving houses can cause a major headache, but if you know the right moving company to help you, moving will be a breeze.

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