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How Much Does It Cost To Move | Here’s A Breakdown By Move Size

How Much Does It Cost To Move – The average cost to move in 2019 ranges from $420 to $1,500+ based on the number of bedrooms.

  • Moving cost for the contents of an average studio – $420 to $700
  • Moving cost for the contents of an average 1 bedroom – $700 to $1100
  • Moving cost for the contents of 2 average bedrooms – $1100 to 1500
  • Moving cost for the content of 3 average bedrooms – $1500 – up

We Americans are constantly on the move

In fact, from the age of 18 – 44 the average American moves 9.1 times.  From 45+ the average American moves only 2.7 additional times.  This means the average American moves roughly 12 times in a lifetime. 

We move to a state or a city where there are better economic opportunities or better living conditions. Moving, however, comes with a share of headaches. Packing your belongings and transporting them to another city or state could be a logistics nightmare for the uninitiated. The nightmare gets even worse when the mover has to move an entire household.

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The Busines of the Moving Industry

Fortunately for Americans who are moving to another city or state, there are moving companies that offer various options for an individual and his family, regardless of the size of the household. There are moving companies that will take care of all your moving needs after you have given them your instructions. Other moving companies can provide specific aspects of the move, with you doing a great portion of the work yourself. The different types of service in the moving or relocation industry has its costs and benefits.

There are three general types of moving services:

Full-service movers

Full-service movers are what the name suggests. You choose a moving company based on some important considerations such as price, reliability, customer service, reputation, and professionalism. The movers will take care of the needed supplies, do the packing, load the belongings in the truck, transport and unload them at the final destination.

The moving service will give you a price quote based on the list of items that you will provide. While this type of moving service is the most convenient for you, expect this to be more expensive than the other types of moving services. The price is comparatively higher than other moving services because they are professionals, licensed, and insured. The moving service company will also offer you various insurance options to safeguard your belongings against damage and loss.

This type of moving service is preferred by individuals who have a busy schedule and want to avoid the problems associated with moving. These are the individuals who would rather spend money for an easy and convenient move without the hassles that come with it.

Self-service moves

This is a cheaper option of moving. You do the packing of your items as well as the loading and unloading of your goods. The movers will only be responsible for transporting your items from the point of origin to your final destination. All you have to do is contact the moving company, tell them how much belongings need to be moved, and they will drop off a trailer or storage containers in front of your house. You call the company when you are done with the packing and loading and they will pick up the containers or trailer and deliver the same to your final destination. After you have unloaded the contents of the trailer or containers, the moving company will pick them up. The price the moving company will charge you will be based on the linear feet used and the distance transported. The transport time for out-of-state moves will depend on how far is the final destination from the origin, which usually takes from two to fourteen days, depending on the size of your load.

Do-it-yourself moving

This is the most economical, although most difficult and problematic, way of moving. You will take care of the packing, loading, driving, unloading, and unpacking of your cargo. The moving company will just rent out a vehicle for your moving. You will spend only for the rental of the moving van or truck, which you can return to the nearest office of the movers in your new city.
This type of move becomes problematic and difficult when you have to move large furniture and other household items. There is also a higher risk of damage because of your lack of experience in moving, particularly when loading or unloading large and heavy items.

How much does it cost to move?

Moving can cost you up to a few thousand dollars, depending on how much belongings you have and how far you will have to transport them. Full do-it-yourself is the cheapest moving option you have. If you own or can borrow a pickup or a truck and some friends who don’t mind heavy lifting, you will likely spend only on gas and some refreshments for your friends.

If you only have a few pieces of stuff to move, you can do all the packing and lifting and you can rent a cheap moving truck such as U-Haul and you will spend anywhere from $50 to $200 including packing and moving supplies. This is an affordable option if you don’t mind a few scratches and dings on your furniture and appliances.

A self-service move is also economical as you will be spending only on packing and moving supplies plus the fee for the movers who will provide the transport for your cargo.

If you have several big boxes and some nice and expensive furniture that you do not want to be scratched or damaged, then a full service moving company is what you need. This type of mover is the most expensive but it will be worth it when you want to protect your expensive belongings.

A small full-service move within the city will set you back by between $300 and $600. If the move will be farther, say out of state, you will have to spend more money because of fuel costs, overnight motel stays, expenses in storage transit, and more. You will be spending a couple of thousands of dollars in expenses.

Other factors can further increase the cost of moving such as moving distance, additional services required, or lack of elevator access.

The cost of moving big items

Moving big items is a major headache for people who are in the process of moving. You might try to save some money by doing the loading and unloading of the stuff yourself. However, when it comes to large and heavy items, it will be wise to hire professional movers than risk injury to your back and damage to your property.

When it comes to heavy furniture and other valuables, you will not be looking for professional movers only. You need to find professional furniture moving companies. Many moving companies have professional furniture movers so there is no need to contact two companies when you move.

Professional furniture movers typically handle couches, armchairs, recliners, dining table, bed frames and mattresses, paintings, mirrors, pool table, piano, and other large household items.

How much does it cost to move a pool table?

  • Moving a pool table costs between $200 to $600

Moving big and heavy items, such as a pool table could be very expensive. Moving a pool table is never a cheap one because the item is both large and heavy. Moving a pool table generally costs between $200 and $600. Moving a small pool table is considerably less than a large pool table which will usually cost upwards of $500. The cost includes the disassembly and assembly of the pool table and labor. Distance is also an important factor in determining the cost as well as what floor the pool table is moving from and to.

Cost of moving a piano

  • Hiring a piano mover costs between $100 to $1,000
  • Moving an upright piano costs between $150 to $250
  • Moving a grand piano costs between $200 to $295

When moving a piano either within your home or to another location in another city or state, remember that you are not simply moving a large piece of furniture. When you are moving a grand piano, you will be moving a delicate musical instrument with keys, pedals, wires, and other components that will be very expensive to repair or replace once broken. A piano, especially a grand piano, is a heavy musical instrument that could weigh up to a few hundred pounds.

Moving a piano comes with a high risk of injury and damage when it is not lifted properly or when proper tools are not used.

The best way of moving a piano is to hire professional movers with experience in moving pianos. The professionals have the equipment needed in moving this musical instrument and the knowledge to take apart and re-assemble the piano if needed.

Moving a piano requires a specific skill set that other professional movers may not have. A piano is not for traditional movers to move.

The cost of hiring a piano mover ranges from $100 to $1,000, depending on the size of your piano and the distance of its final destination. The base rate for moving an upright piano is between $150 and $250. The base rate for moving a grand piano is between $200 to $295.

The base rates can increase depending on the size and weight of the piano, moving distance, and if the movers will have to take the piano up or down any stairs. You should give the piano movers the necessary information before they can calculate the cost.

The cost of moving out

People always ask how much does it cost to move out before they make any such plan to move. They need to save enough money to cover the cost of moving out and settling down in another city or state.

People who are moving out need to calculate the cost of moving. They can always use a moving cost calculator to determine how much they spend to move to another location.

The moving cost calculator takes into consideration the following:

  • Size of your move
  • Travel fees
  • Packing services
  • Moving adds-on
  • Moving supplies
  • Storage
  • Moving date
  • Liability and valuation coverage

Moving out entails expenses, the amount of which shall be determined by how much you are willing to share in the moving tasks. You will save a lot of money by doing the packing, loading and unloading yourself. But this means that you have to take several days off your work to perform these tasks.
For people who do not want to be bothered by their work during the moving process, hiring a full-time professional moving company is the best option. Your belongings will be properly packed, loaded, transported, and unloaded professionally with a very low risk of damage or loss. It is always a good option to consider hiring professional movers.

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