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International Moving Costs – Understanding All Of The Unknown Costs

International Moving Costs – Nothing is permanent except change, so they say and at some point in your life, you have to move on to another destination. If you have tried moving overseas, then you are just one among the millions of people worldwide who have gone to the trouble of packing and unpacking their moving boxes containing household goods, household items or even their furniture. Moving overseas is never easy considering the amount of packing and shipping you have to do even if you are only bringing a few of your personal effects such as clothes.

You can just imagine the packing and shipping that you have to do, not to mention the moving expenses you have to pay for in case you are taking an international move and your shipment includes a lot of household goods, household items, and furniture.

Your international moving costs average will primarily depend on several factors such as:


One of the most significant factors that will determine the average cost of moving will be your relocation destination. Local moves will be a lot cheaper than long-distance or international moves. You also have a choice of getting cheap movers or professional movers.

Cheap movers could mean more affordable international moving costs that will fit your budget. However, it could be a big gamble on your part considering that the moving services provided by these shipping companies have not yet been proven and may come without guarantees and warranties.

On the other hand, the international moving costs provided by more reputable shipping companies may be more expensive. However, they are more reliable and could offer insurance coverage and a worthwhile relocation package. If you want to stick to a particular budget but you want to get the best long-distance movers then check out the cost calculator offered by these companies. This will allow you to get a ballpark figure of how much your international moving costs average will be. Better yet, get a moving quote from these companies.

Mode of shipping

Another consideration when moving overseas is your mode of shipping. The international moving costs average will vary depending on your choice of freight forwarder. Most of those who have tried long-distance moving or relocation settled for sea freight or ocean freight since the international moving costs for this shipping method is more reasonable. However, air freight may be a better option if you need to use the items immediately when you arrive at your destination. It is also a better option if you have more leeway on your relocation expenses.

The choice of how you ship your possessions will also depend on your freight items. The more urgent items that you do not want to put on storage could be delivered door to door, provided you are willing to pay the extra fees. You might need to call on the piano movers to determine the best way to ship big-ticket items like this.

Shipment items

The international moving costs for furniture could vary compared to your household items or household goods. The need for long-distance moves or international relocation has increased the demand for the services offered by international movers. The international moving costs for large and heavy furniture will, of course, be different from the fees you have to pay for small household items.

Whatever items you are moving, you can get an estimate of the international moving costs for your preferred destination using the cost calculator. The websites of most full-service movers usually provide a moving quote or estimated moving expenses not only for the freight but also for the freight, hourly rate, packing services, moving and storage and even for long-term storage.

You can also inquire if the moving quote already includes the money you have to pay for customs clearance and taxes, insurance and other incidental fees for international moving. If your shipment includes plants, animals or meat products then you may also have to consider the cost and procedure for quarantine. Your international moving costs average can also include payment for the packing materials and expenses for bubble wrap to protect breakables and other items that can be easily damaged.

When you avail of the services of moving companies, you only get a glimpse of your shipment when they are collected from your home or you deliver them to the freight forwarder. The next time you see your shipment will probably be when it is delivered to your new home if you availed of packing and loading services. What is not visible to many consumers is the freight and storage method of your freight forwarder.

If you are sending your shipment by ocean freight, then your shipper will most probably opt for the most popular method which is to store your items in a container. In this case, you can expect a lot of documentation requirements which can be frustrating for you. By choosing a reputable moving company that will help you with the documentation process, you can at least reduce the stress caused by international moving.

There could be a unique documentary and other requirements depending on what items you will be shipping.

For instance, if you will ship a car overseas, you need to comply with the following:

  • Document to prove your car ownership
  • Get an approved agency to wash your undercarriage
  • Bill of lading enumerating the contents of the container
  • Certificate of origin
  • Insurance certificate
  • SED or shipper’s export declaration

Sending your household goods and furniture through a container for overseas moving can be complicated if you have to do it all on your own from putting the bubble wrap to packing and then making sure that everything is in order. It is important to seal the boxes that will go inside the containers and ensure that they are moisture resistant. Ocean freight can put your items at risk of being destroyed by water incase water seeps into the containers. You must also familiarize yourself with the labeling requirements including the port marks, customer identification code as well as the net weight and gross weight of your containers. This method is way more complicated than if you opt to send your household goods or furniture through a trucking company.

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What are the international moving costs

Anyone faced with the challenge of international relocation should have a proper estimate of the international moving costs. You can be sure that it will not be cheap as it can cost you at least $2,000 if you are opting for an FCL or full container load. It is possible to cut on your international moving costs provided you share the container and the fees.

Some companies have provided an estimated moving quote for a variety of items for overseas shipping and given the estimate that international shipping of furniture will cost you $1,200 to $3,000, you can already add up your moving costs.

There are actually other factors that can drive up your furniture moving costs and this includes the following:

  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly-from $120
  • Furniture packing and unpacking-from $240
  • Furniture loading and unloading-from $950
  • Furniture cleaning-from $240

The estimated moving quote for furniture alone should give you a good idea on how to save on moving costs. Most relocation plans are made in advance so you still have enough time to disassemble your own furniture which could save you at least $100. You can also pack your furniture instead of paying at least $200 for packing services. However, this can be a tricky and laborious task as you have to make sure that you use sturdy packing materials to protect the furniture during transit. You will be needing a lot of corrugated sheets not only to wrap the furniture but also to use as a shield so that your wooden furniture will not be scratched during transit. Moving boxes will be necessary if you are bringing your books with you.

But even before you pack your furniture and household items, make sure you already have a clear measurement of your new abode to make sure everything you are moving internationally will fit through the door and even inside the house. Make advance queries if your new house is already furnished since there is no point bringing your bed or your sofa and paying extra money if you already have these items in your destination. But then again, the furniture might be worth more than money to you and you want to bring it with you for sentimental reasons.

It is easy to give in to sentimentality and to bring in as many items as possible when you move abroad. But while these items hold special memories for you, it might be impractical to spend hard-earned money on shipping when you can get new ones where you are headed. This may be the time to finally let go and to start fresh. If you have been smothered by your personal effects in your old home, then relocation might do the trick for you. By bringing only the necessary furniture, household items, and effects, you will not only save on space but also reduce your international moving costs average.

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