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Pack Rat Moving Costs – Unexpected Expenses And Hidden Fees

Pack Rat Moving Costs – The average cost of a long-distance moving using the Pack Rat steel-framed container (8 feet wide, 12 feet tall, 16 feet wide) is $3,439.

Pack Rat is a strong contender in the business of “you pack, we drive.” The company provides clients a convenient storage container to securely keep all their things inside. When the client has finished packing, Pack Rat will deliver the portable storage container to their new home, where the client unloads the items. This type of “you pack/un-pack and they drive” is a hybrid of the traditional full-service moving company.

How Does Pack Rat Work?

Using the website is straight forward. The client will be asked for the zip codes of their current location and where they are headed. For the local move, you can immediately get a quotation. For long-distance moves, a code will be given the customer to use they ask for a customized quotation.

Decide on the number and size of containers to use and arrange a delivery time. Once the container is delivered to the location, pack the things inside the container or containers and have it driven to its destination, or have the containers move the container to a storage area or facility until these can be moved to the next home.

The company allows clients up to a month of loading and unloading. They will charge for storage every month the container is not returned. The client needs to check their budget and work to meet their schedule. The customer can choose the container size. Twelve-feet and sixteen-feet containers are available on their website. If a smaller size is required, the customer needs to contact the company, as only the standard sizes are shown on the website.

It is important to personally receive the delivery of the portable storage container. The client is also responsible for checking the city laws and regulations about container parking within their neighborhood. The company will not be responsible for any parking violations once the container delivery has been received. As a courtesy, the customer will also have to inform their neighbors.

Pack Rat vs PODS

The Pack Rat, u-pack relocube resembles PODS containers in various ways. The distinctions lay mostly in the style of containers:

Pack Rat has a door style barn that allows a client to store their things up to the ceiling while PODS include a rolling top door that allows a client to get closer to the front entrance. The Pack Rat can accommodate about 6,000 pounds while moving companies like PODS can hold 4,200 to 4,700 pounds.

The storage containers of PODS have a clear top allowing for users to to go in and out during the day without using a lamp. Pack Rat steel storage containers are weatherproof and can withstand anything.

For the individual pricing, every move is different and the pricing can change accordingly. It would be best to request a quote which is specific to the moving assignment.

Pack Rat Availability

The availability of Pack Rat is quite challenging since the moving and storage company is only available in the continental United States and doesn’t offer international portable storage for moving. Pack Rat doesn’t offer moving services to the following: Idaho, Vermont, Alaska, and Hawaii. There may be other states that the company does not service, but they would not give a list.

By entering the zip code for the origin and destination, and ask for a quote, the customer gets to know if their area is serviced by Pack Rat. They must contact the customer service representative after checking the website to get the correct quote. Asking pack rat moving costs is easy, it’s just requires a couple of steps and lots of time.

Pack Rat is available for all types of moving such as:

  • Residential
  • Corporate transfer
  • Office
  • Military

How Does Pack Rat Work with Local Moving?

Dealing Pack Rat with a local move is easy and simple. All that is needed is input the details on their website and choose the container storage size. Arrange a delivery date using their online calendar tool. Lastly, the moving cost shows up and the customer can accept the quote to engage the service.

How Does Pack Rat Work with Long-Distance Moving?

The process of looking for a storage container for long-distance moving is the same with local moving, however, the biggest distinctions appear during the start of planning. After entering the zip codes, and the transfer and delivery time, the customer is advised to contact a customer service representative rather than just getting pack rat moving costs on their website. Some clients experienced being forwarded to a moving liaison from a customer service agent.

The customer and the liaison decide on the move and make an average cost quotation. After choosing the container size and date of delivery, cost and other information is provided the customer. Like the local move, after the storage container is delivered, the items are packed, and pickup is arranged. The customer unpacks at the destination and arranges the pickup of the container.

With the long-distance moving, the customer needs to think about the Pack Rat locations at both the origin and destination. Pack Rat doesn’t have as many sites as some of its movers’ competitors. Thus, finding locations close to the destination is often difficult. On the other hand, for local moves you’ll likely employ the same place for both destinations. This is crucial because if the driver needs to go farther to pick up your storage container or drop off on either end, Pack Rat moving costs will change.

How Does Pack Rat Insurance Works?

There are two types for the insurance;

Basic plan a.k.a “container damage waiver”, this insurance pays for any damages to the storage and offers a policy of about $25,000.

The client can buy a Silver Plan policy up to $75,000 while the storage is in Pack Rat hands. It only covers damages to the client’s stuff in transfer if there’s an industrial accident, like if the storage container were hit by a semi-trailer or tornado.

The good news is that after booking the movers to pack and unpack the items from the storage container, the items will be included in the normal transfer insurance of $0.60/lb, for free.

What I Realized Using Pack Rat

Ask for Promotions and Deals

The customer must ask about deals or promos to decrease the moving cost. Point out that some things might not be in the budget and the agent will likely assist in finding ways to lower the cost.

Arrange a Delivery Time

Just like other moving companies, Pack Rat allows clients to pack and unpack their stuff at their convenience. The client pays for every month they keep the storage. The customer service agent encourages the client to arrange a delivery time and pick up during the booking. This is good because the customer can better schedule the transfer with the arranged date. The only setback that might be encountered is scheduling the delivery of containers during weekdays.

Understand the Cancellation Policy

The customer has 48 hours before the container moves or is delivered to withdraw without paying a charge. After that, though, there will be paying a significant withdrawal charge

Know More About Pack Rat

Pack Rat moves a container storage that the customer can keep on their premises for one month. The customer loads their stuff and arrange these at their own time and cost. The moving company gives the feeling of a DIY transfer, but without having to rush everything to a waiting truck or van.

Pack Rat collects the container and drops it off to the new home or a storage facility. The customer doesn’t need to drive a truck. Instead the customer can drive their car to the new location without making a separate trip for the storage container.

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Is Pack Rat the Best for You?

Moving containers are the best choice for people who want the comfort of a big rental truck without the need to drive to the destination. It is also a great option for someone who needs storage because of a home renovation or staging a house, or in between transfers. However, Pack Rat storage is only affordable if one of its locations is closest to both the origin and destination.

Pack Rat offers two kinds of services – moving and storage. Many moving companies will provide additional services like packing, assembling of furniture and even cleaning services. Pack Rat delivers none of these services. However, they will direct additional inquiries to a local moving company, using HireAHelper, a third-party moving service.

Also, Pack Rat movers provide an easy-going way to ensure personal stuff is organized, minimized and verified before the move to a new home or destination. The company offers a service which is private and affordable. The client can make sure that all of their things are packed and inside the container. No additional Pack Rat personnel will touch the customer’s property. This can also be a great service for those who are renovating their home. The owner packs his belongings and these are sent to the storage facility until they are needed.

Average Moving Costs In The United States In 2019

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