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Dumpster Rental Cost – How To Save Hundreds Before You Move

Dumpster Rental Cost – The average cost of a 10 yard dumpster (2-3 ton weight limit) is $378. The average price of a 20 yard dumpster is $425.

The world’s biggest and most serious problem is already looming and staring mankind in the face. And yet, no one is paying attention and those who know are looking the other way. Trash is everywhere, whether you live in a first world or a third world country. Up to 200 million tons of trash are produced every year by Americans alone, so you can just imagine the magnitude of the problem. More than the problem of yard clean-up, there is the day to day problem of trash disposal.

If you are like the average consumer, then you can produce up to four pounds of waste materials every day. And like most consumers, you are probably faced with the problem of where to dispose of your junk and debris such as roofing shingles.  Homeowners who want to deal with their yard debris can rent out a small dumpster to hold the garbage until the pick-up truck picks the trash for delivery to the landfill. If you are conducting house renovation projects then you are bound to have more construction debris in the vicinity which means you may need to rent a construction dumpster. Both options will require dumpster fees and landfill fees so you have to shell out money whichever option you choose.

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What is a dumpster

The term trash dumpster may not be as familiar as the word trash can but these materials are commonly found in areas where there are construction projects or where there are garage cleanout activities. Dumpster companies usually provide junk removal service for bulky items and other waste materials provided you can afford the cost of dumpster rental. The dumpster is a container for waste materials that can be moved from one place to another with the use of dumpster pick-up trucks.

Dumpster is actually the trademark of an American brand but it has, later on, become a generic term for a specially-designed trash collection bin. These are large containers that can be lifted by a pick-up truck so that its contents can be easily dumped into the truck hopper then lowered and returned on the assigned spot.

The mechanical dumpster was first used in 1936, a year after the Dempster Brothers successfully patented the device. The word dumpster is actually a play on the name of the company and the owners. This roll-off dumpster is very useful and can be used by first-time homebuyers who want a cheap dumpster as a waste disposal receptacle for trash in their old home and for cleaning up purposes or garage cleanout in their new home. There are a variety of available sizes depending on your need so you can start inquiring about the 5 yard dumpster rental cost or the 10 yard dumpster rental cost.

Where can you use the trash dumpster?

The trash dumpster is a practical companion when you are renovating since it can be a receptacle of bulky items that you no longer need such as air conditioners. If you are building a new structure, then renting a dumpster is a very practical decision since it can also hold construction debris. However, the average cost of dumpster rental varies depending on the size of the dumpster so it will be helpful if you can make an initial estimate or projection as to the size of the waste materials you are going to throw into the dumpster so you can figure in your budget either the 10 yard dumpster rental cost or the 5 yard dumpster rental cost.

Dumpster companies offer easy dumpster rental for the following:

  • apartments
  • condominiums
  • schools
  • corporate offices
  • stores
  • construction sites
  • industrial sites

Trash dumpsters are ideal for those who want their areas to be clean at all times, but who do not have the time to take out and properly dispose of their waste material every day.  Residential dumpster rental is ideal for those who are undergoing estate cleanouts, yard clean-up, renovation projects, recycling or remodeling projects. You can figure in the 5 yard dumpster rental cost in your budget if the intended location is only a few; ft. The average cost of dumpster rental will depend on the cubic capacity of the dumpster you are going to rent. There are cheap dumpster rental depending on the zip code of your area or location.

Bear in mind that you are getting a roll-off container that will serve as temporary dumpster storage for your waste materials. Based on the schedule of your dumpster service provider, the roll-off dumpster will be emptied into a pickup truck or delivery truck. The local dumpster service will then haul the waste materials into the dumpster yard.

Dumpster companies usually remove residential dumpster weekly but they also provide same-day service if you want the removal of trash immediately. It is not surprising to find more than one roll-off dumpster rentals in subdivisions and clubhouses considering the weight and size of the debris and trash they throw in these areas.

When choosing your dumpster service, make sure you are aware of the terms being offered by the service provider and if the rental pricing is a flat rate and does not have hidden fees for the removal or landfill fees. Familiarize yourself with the terms used by the dumpster industry so you can get an affordable dumpster rental. When they talk about roll-off dumpsters, they are referring to trailers used at construction demolition sites, large businesses and factories that range in size from 10 to around 45 cubic yards. These are actually large dumpsters that can hold huge waste materials and are loaded and unloaded by a truck with a hydraulic system. There are, however, small dumpsters that are ideal for homes and other small establishments. These toters are larger than the normal dumpsters but smaller than the regular-sized dumpsters. The construction industry makes use of roadrunners or dumpsters that measure six cubic yards.

One of the disadvantages of having a dumpster in your yard, especially if it is easily accessible to the public, is the danger of dumpster diving. This is usually being done by scavengers who climb inside dumpsters with the hope of finding something they can still salvage or use such as food, appliances, clothing or even scrap metals that sometimes fetch a good price at junkyards. Investigating officers are sometimes guilty of dumpster diving when they resort to looking at dumpsters in search of possible evidence such as financial records and other documents. Knowing this should give you a fair warning about throwing materials that could reveal sensitive data which could subject you to identify theft.

Why rent a dumpster?

Whether you are in Ohio or someplace near, you will find that the average cost of dumpster rental is really pretty affordable. Dumpster rental pricing has become very competitive nowadays because of the existence of many dumpster companies. To get the most affordable pricing of roll off dumpster rental, do your shopping and booking ahead of time. Give your dumpster service provider a few days heads up to get the appropriate dumpster size or dumpster dimensions. Your service provider will help you determine whether the 5 yard dumpster rental cost or the 10 yard dumpster rental cost will fit your requirements and budget.

But more than the cost of dumpster rental, you also need to plan in advance where you are going to place the dumpster. If you have a large residential or commercial area that will fit the dumpster then that will be convenient both for you and the dumpster service provider. However, if you do not have enough space and you have to leave the dumpster in a public area such as a street or driveway, then you might need a permit or approval before you sign the contract. The size of your dumpster should also be taken in consideration along with the projected waste materials you are going to throw away.

The dumpster may be a receptacle for trash but not for all types of trash. Most reputable dumpster companies have a list of items that you are allowed to throw in the dumpster.

Among the most common items pre-approved for throwing in the dumpsters are:

  • concrete
  • yard debris
  • furniture
  • brick
  • asphalt
  • concrete
  • other construction debris

Choose the appropriate dumpster size so you do not commit the mistake of filling the dumpster way beyond its capacity both in terms of weight and the size of the debris. Dumpsters have a designated level when they are considered filled up to make it easier and more efficient for the haulers when it is time to empty the dumpsters. Most pick up trucks drivers refuse to hail dumpsters that are filled beyond their capacity so if you do not want to encounter a problem with your junk removal service, make sure you get the appropriate dumpster size.

There are times when you make the wrong estimates such as when you get a small dumpster not because the 5 yard dumpster rental cost is within your budget but because you originally planned a walk-in closet renovation. If it turns out to be a full-bedroom renovation instead, then your service provider can quote you the 10 yard dumpster rental cost, or bring in a second dumpster for your convenience.

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