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Gun Safe Moving Costs – Expenses You Need To Prepare For

Gun Safe Moving Costs – Gun safes are very difficult to move. A fully packed gun safe can weigh almost as much as a young elephant. If you are a gun owner, and you intend to move your safe to a different location, you have to consider some factors. There are many dangers associated with a gun safe move and that also includes gun safe moving costs.

It is strongly suggested that you hire a professional and experienced mover to move your gun safe. This recommendation is for your safety and to avoid any further damage to your home, guns and the safe. The courier delivery of your gun safe can be availed of for extra fees, and this can include delivery within the 25-mile radius from your dealer. The delivery is available with the United States only.

The Gun Safe Moving Costs Pricing Factors To Consider

There are several considerations in calculating the overall cost to move your gun safe.

The typical pricing for the move can range anywhere from $165 to $535, and the rates can vary depending on the following:

  • Weight of the safe
  • The dimension of the safe
  • Distance of delivery
  • Where the safe will be situated at home
  • Standard rates for pickup and delivery in the place
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The Info Required To Schedule Your Delivery

As you schedule your delivery with a moving company, you have to prepare and provide as much information as you possibly can. This will make the moving seamless and allow the company to offer you the best and most precise quote. The more straightforward you are with the data needed, the faster and smoother the gun safe delivery will go. Moreover, this will preclude any surprises with added charges that can come during actual delivery.

Provide the following photos and details for your move:

  • Photos of the approach at your home
  • Doors that the driver will pass through with the gun safe
  • Rooms or hallways that movers will need to pass-through
  • The final location where it will be placed

Whenever you are providing information, as much as possible give the exact location and provide specific details:

  • Room on the first floor with 3-4 steps
  • Garage with flat surface area with no additional steps
  • The basement with 5-7 steps leading down or up to another floor level, etc

What Is Included In Standard Delivery?

Your standard gun safe delivery shall include one or more of the following:

  • 2 to 3 delivery staff
  • Delivery trucks
  • Special gun safe moving equipment, tools, and gears
  • Insurance for any unforeseen damages
  • Toll fees, if any
  • The time it takes to complete delivery

The Customary Delivery Charges For Gun Safe Moving

Not all gun safe deliveries will match the true definition of standard delivery. In this case, there may be added charges for:

  • Narrow turn
  • Several floors
  • One to two stair landings
  • Removal of railings, doors, panels, or holdings
  • Distance to the actual delivery location
  • Other complexities associated with the move like moving through grass, dirt, or slippery area
  • Bolting the gun safe to the floor

How to Move a Gun Safe Fast

There are several ways you can move a gun safe fast with the least damage and risk of any injuries. Here are some steps you can follow for a successful gun safe move.

Make sure to empty up the gun safe before moving

Make it a point to empty all up before the final move. This will make sure everything is lighter. It will do away with any damages in case of a sudden drop which can result in an expensive repair and replacement. It will make any move safer. By practice, you never have to move any guns that are loaded, regardless of whether they are inside or outside the gun safe.

When you move the gun safe, you have to have the right equipment that can make the gun safe move safer and free of any untoward incidence, or damage.

Important equipment when moving your gun safe

Here are the most important pieces of equipment that you will need when transporting your gun safe:

  • Thick pair of gloves
  • Truck to load them at
  • Secure straps
  • Heavy-duty dollies, like those used for furniture or home appliances
  • Specialized equipment like stairs, pallet jacks, stair climbing dolly, etc

The most heavy-duty gun safe will require heavy-duty equipment and tools. So, avoid scrimping on equipment whenever you move your safe. Buy or rent the best equipment possible to make sure your gun safe move will be smooth and safe as possible. We also suggest you test your equipment before using them to avoid any risk of damage, accident, or any hazards.

Be sure to secure your gun safe

To accomplish this, slowly tilt the gun safe toward the right and slide on the dolly. The helpers must be all wearing thick gloves in this case. Then, place the safe with security straps as tight as you can. This will help secure the gun safe to its dolly and do away with any movements or shifting. After securing it, tilt your dolly back to its place, this way the weight of the gun safe is evenly distributed all over the wheels.

Enlist other helpers for the move

Gun safes are very big and heavy, you should not move it on your own. If you do so, you will cause injury and damage to your home or those around you. Thus, you must enlist the help of your friends, colleagues, or a relative as you move, except where you have a gun safe moving company do the job for you. This is very true when you need to move the gun safe up or down the stairs. Choose friends who have moving experiences, they can very well offer you much-needed assistance. But, if no one has the experience, you can always make use of the manpower and their availability.

Plan your move

When you are moving a safe, some problems have to be faced in the planning stage, this can include the tight spaces or corners, small doorways, stairwells, and even narrow spaces. These things can make your moving a gun safe very difficult and challenging.

Measure the safe before planning your move

Plan everything before you even begin your move. One drastic mistake can lead to accidents, injuries, or damages to your safe or your home. Also, consider covering your floors or walls before the move to avoid any damage.

Dress correctly for the occasion

For the final move, you have to make sure that you are dressing right for the occasion. You need to dress appropriately to prevent any damage or injury when moving the safe. You have to encourage your helpers to do the same, have them wear thick gloves, cargo pants or durable pair of jeans, and if possible, use steel toe boots.

The actual moving of the safe

The moment the safe is secured by straps to the dolly, tilt your dolly back onto the wheels so the weight is properly supported by the wheels. You might need a few people to secure it in the right position. When moving gun safe on its dolly, have 2-3 helpers assist in holding the gun safe to ensure it is steady. When inside the truck, tilt the dolly back into position, ease it down very slowly and carefully until it is flat on the floor. Take off the load strap and then slowly remove the dolly out from the safe.

When moving upstairs, it is ideal to have one helper guide the gun safe and the others help in lifting the dolly very slowly. When moving downstairs, have 3-4 people guide the wheels of the dolly as you slowly go down. If you can afford it, you can also buy or rent a stair climbing dolly to make the entire process easier.

Final safety tips about gun safe moving costs

Always remember that personal safety is paramount above everything else, these tips will help you and your helpers stay safe during a successful relocation of your safe:

Take your time and do not rush. Always take things slowly when you are moving a very heavy object, especially when climbing up and down the stairs.
Always check if the straps are all fastened securely to avoid the safe from shifting, dislodging, or getting damaged.
If the safe will tip over, let it fall and hit the ground. This is the best way instead of risking any injury to yourself or your helpers.

The overall cost to move or deliver your safe is a wise investment for your overall safety and that of your home. When you need to transport your gun safe, you should seek the help of a professional moving company to do all the work for you.

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